Our healthcare system is broken

People are struggling to pay for their medical bills and insurance premiums, while pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are reaping all the benefits. The problem is that not everyone can afford a decent healthcare plan, but most people have no other choice than to get one. Corporations are using the healthcare system in America to make a profit. The United States spends more on healthcare per capita than any other country. The government offers tax breaks to big corporations, and CEOs are getting rich off of this scam. Corporate Medicine exists to benefit from patients’ sick visits and make the rich richer. During Coronavirus Pandemic while millions of people among the general population struggled with being uninsuranced or under-insuranced, healthcare CEOs.

Healthcare in America is a confusing system that requires a lot of research and know-how. For many, this is daunting. This system is like a spiderweb with the insurance company at the center. The profits for these companies are enormous. In order for them to make more money, they might have to raise prices for consumers or cut back on the quality of their service. How about doing both? 

Corporate medicine is an industry that exists to get the most out of a patient’s pocket. In outpatient insurance-based clinics, doctors are pressured to maximize their efficiency by increasing the number of patient visits and decreasing the time spent with each patient. Many privately owned physician-clinics cannot compete with the big corporations, which lead to being bought out and turned to yet another pill-mill and referral desk. 

The number of sick visits to hospitals is on the rise because patients cannot get visits to establish primary care or follow up with their own primary care physician. It is no secret that the healthcare system in America is broken. As you are reading this, your insurance company is making money from your monthly payment without even using your medical insurance, yet if you want to see a doctor you have to pay additional co-payments. How does this even make sense? The insurance company profits from your monthly payments for medical care as well as co-payments, out-of-pocket fees, and deductibles. Your payments are going directly to their profit margins, which only continue to rise as.

Health care is an important industry to the US economy and it is not something that should be taken lightly. The more we understand how our medical system works, the better prepared we will be in making decisions and seeking treatment. 

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Dr. Sameer Baig, MD is a triple specialty physician, trained and certified in Hematology, Oncology, and Internal Medicine. Questions / Comments: Hello@SpecializedClinic.com. TL;DR — Learn about your