Comprehensive Clinic Coverage

Membership Benefits

Personalized preventative care

With an emphasis on longterm, comprehensive care we focus on preventative education and screening at the Specialized Clinic. Our medical team gets to know your eating habits, family history and exercise routine to better diagnose and treat any underlying conditions that may be contributing to your health problem.

Appointment Accommodations

We strive to accommodate all our patients equally. In doing such, our staff has begun conducting virtual appointments via Telemedicine to those unable to visit the clinic physically. For members who are local but unable to travel, we offer a premium Home-Care Membership. This includes the same benefits of the traditional packages but within the comfort of your home.

Connections Across the State

From direct access to a personal physician to connections with renowned specialists, Specialized Clinic is your healthcare cornerstone. Our statewide network of nationally recognized specialists ensure you specific needs are addressed every time. By providing direct connections for patients across Florida, we are able to help those throughout the state gain access to their ideal specialist.

Health & Wellness Guidance

Whether you are seeking to improve your eating habits, mental health or weight goals, our medical experts are prepared to help you on your journey. At Specialized Clinic, we have taken steps to ensure that you receive the most efficient, personalized care possible. Using proven coaching methods and innovative teaching tools, you can rest assured your plan will be personalized to your specific needs.